Business Practices.

I do not bill for phone conversations, as I will not attempt to solve your problems or provide consultative services over the phone. This is unlikely change in the future. I aquired a bad taste for phone support a number of years ago.

For in house consultation or problem solving, I bill at a rate of $50 per hour. Special services may cost more. Special services include providing services such as archiving and data recovery using my own equipment.

I provide no gaurantees with regards to data recovery. Each situation is different. I may need to send some hardware to a third party. If this happens, you will be billed their charges in addition to my own rates. My own rates do not inclued theirs if you elect to send the hardware in yourself. I will attempt to predict the costs of such a recovery situation, however prices do get to be substantially more than most people expect if there is significant physical hardware problems with the hard disk. Feel free to contact On-Track or other data recovery service providers for their rates.

If we meet at a computer store, or other hardware vendor, my rates go up to $100 per hour.

If we meet at a coffee shop, or other off site location, my rate is $50 per hour.

I am available to lead seminars, or provide supporting demonstrations etc. at seminars and classes. My rate for this service is $2000 per day. If you would like me to provide support for shoutcasting your seminar, my rates will increase to $3000 per day of setup and tear down, $500 per day for opperating equipment, and an additional fee for any equipment that I need to provide the cost of which will be negotiated before the event. You may find it benificial to use site equipment for most of the site audio, then use my equipment to convert a line level output to be converted for shoutcast. Shoutcast server space may require additional costs which will be itemized on your bill.

As technology and site conditions permit I may also be able to provide webcast video of your event as well. I have not identified costs associated with this, as I have not identified my own costs to determine what yours will be. Camera crews are not cheep however, so be forwarned that the costs will be higher than for audio events described above.

Other services may be available, at different rates. I will not work on your equipment in my house. I will be happy to provide trouble shooting at your site (at the rates identified above) and will recomend hardware repair centers as the need for them comes up. This may change in the future.

If I am providing you support or consultation via e-mail, the response will be taged with an incident number, a start time and an end time for the message. As well as the cost for that message. My rates for e-mail are $50 per hour.

All hourly bills start with a minimum two hour incident charge, and will be billed in half hour increments beyond the second hour, rounded from the quarter hour. I.e. if I spend two hours and ten minutes you will be billed for two hours, two hours and 20 min you will be billed for two and a half, two hours and 45 min will be billed at three hours..