Contact Information

I can be contacted at any time by e-mail. If the contact is business related, you will be billed for the time it takes me to respond. If you do not include billing information, i.e. a physical address and a phone number, or have not already provided me with that information, I will not reply to business related inquiries. The exception to this is if you are inquiring about setting up an interview or counsoling session.

My e-mail address is If you choose to send me business offers or enquiries, I will be happy to bill for my time to respond at my usual rate.

If you wish to call me, I am available most days at 612-567-8789. Phone calls will be for scheduling interviews and counsulting sessions or to provide company information only.

If you need to send me payment, please send it to

Rusty Connections
4038 Lake Rd
Robbinsdale, MN 55422

Make checks payable to Rusty Connections. Account information will be on your bill, and you should include the account number on your check.