History of Rusty Connections...

Rusty Connections started in the late 80s, though it was not a registered company name until 1999. It started as the name of a bulliten board that I ran in 1988 through 1989 when I was called up for desert storm.

For some time I considered running the company as a publishing house for the poetry that I was writing. and some of the collections that I prepared have the company name and an old address in them as a result.

In the late 1999s, I was advised that I should start offering consulting services about computers, on more of a full time basis. My work experience has been in Wide Area Networking, however I have provided a lot of support to people over the years on personal computers. Everything from Apple IIe's, on up through the collection of hardware that is on the market today. For a few months I even provided technical support on Windows 3.1 over the phone for a major hardware company. This somewhat discouraged me from every considering offering assistance over the phone again.

As I think of more to say about the background of this company, I will add it to this document.